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Liberty Taekwondo School


Our aim is to provide quality and safe instruction in the martial arts and sport taekwondo for  Winnipeg, Manitoba.


With Winnipeg Taekwondo schools located
in South St. Vital,  and Southdale, we offer

community based instruction in a family

environment and are conveniently located in

the Manitoba Lawn Bowls Building and the

Southdale Community Centre.

Our focus and commitment is to provide mutual respect between instructors and students. We recognize that students have individual goals and needs and are willing to work with them to find the right program to accomplish them.



  If you are looking for fitness, structure, self-defense, stress relief, family activities or tournaments we may be the Winnipeg Taekwondo School for you.


  All classes are taught by Kukkiwon certified Masters. The Kukkiwon is located in Seoul, South Korea and is the only issuer of World Taekwondo recognized Black Belts. As such we have the authority to act on the Kukkiwon’s behalf to test students to Black Belt. Kukkiwon certification is required for participation at Provincial, National and International games. Including the Olympics. All Black Belts receive kukkiwon certificates.


 We acknowledge that there are many quality choices for  Taekwondo Schools in Winnipeg. We invite you to come down to talk or view classes and determine if Liberty Taekwondo is the right choice for your needs and your pursuit of excellence. 

  We are recognized and affiliated with:

  • Kukkiwon

  • World Taekwondo  

  • The World Changmookwan Federation Headquarters -Korea

  • Sport Manitoba

  • ​Taekwondo Canada

  • Taekwondo Manitoba


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